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NICE Bus is an integral link for thousands of residents of Nassau County and nearby communities. It plays an important role in the daily lives of thousands of people - as a primary transportation mode for riders and a workplace for its dedicated employees, it affects the quality of life of many Long Islanders.

The public-private operating partnership being formed by Nassau County and Transdev is designed to meet or exceed the needs and expectations of its customers and its employees. The partnership is dedicated to:

  • Creating a bus system and paratransit network that above all is safe, as well as reliable, accessible, and affordable.
  • Delivering the highest possible levels of customer service, welcoming the input of its riders through numerous open communications channels, and responding to the needs of current customers and those of new ones.
  • Working cooperatively with labor unions representing our employees to create a positive, diverse workplace, fulfilling careers and productive lines of communications; building strong and constructive relationships with the unions; and valuing the contributions of all employees and treating them with dignity and respect.
  • Building an organization that maximizes the financial resources that are available to it by creating new operating efficiencies, improving system performance and maximizing best practices in all aspects of its operations.
  • Creating a culture where employees are accountable for top performance, and are respected, valued, and appreciated by their supervisors and peers.