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Environmental Commitment

As part of our dedication to serving the public, NICE purchases environmentally-friendly equipment and adopts initiatives and programs that help us reduce our environmental impact on our county, our region, and our planet.

NICE subscribes to the Transdev's commitment to "Green" our day-to-day behaviors.

Sustainability is a top priority for us. Public transportation is by far the most efficient and eco-friendly way to travel. But for us, that's not enough: we're raising global standards for sustainable, convenient public transit.

In North America, Transdev has launched an extensive array of sustainability programs. We're committed to measuring our footprint and reducing it as well, by "greening" our vehicles, maintenance facilities, and offices. We are training our people on "green" behaviors and engaging them in incorporating more green practices into their day-to-day behaviors. We are working hard to build a culture in which we bring a "green filter" to our decisions and daily practices, and become more environmentally friendly every month.

Reducing our Footprint

We're reducing the environmental impact of our vehicles by practicing "green driving" techniques. We are training our operators to drive with a gentle foot, thereby greatly reducing emissions and conserving energy. We've also made fuel efficiency a top maintenance priority, taking steps to ensure that our vehicles are always operating at peak performance.

We're making our maintenance facilities the greenest in the industry, by using eco-friendly products and carefully managing all waste. We're working to minimize our use of heat and air conditioning, and to practice the three Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. We have a rigorous Environmental Management System to ensure tight compliance with all federal, state and local regulations, and we have trained key personnel at every one of our facilities.

We're committed to making each of our offices a model of environmental responsibility by buying only the most energy-efficient computers, copiers and other equipment. We buy eco-friendly supplies and recycle everything we can. We're focusing on reducing our use of heat, lighting and air conditioning. We have staff experts dedicated to sustainability, and we've invested heavily in sustainability tools and resources to support our greening efforts. Our custom-developed Advantage Series books provide all of our managers with up-to-date information about key sustainability topics.

To reinforce green thinking in every Transdev employee, we are establishing ‘Green Teams' at our locations - staff groups who help identify challenges specific to their site, and then develop solution-oriented programs and actions.

Measuring our Footprint

We annually collect location-by-location statistics for vehicle usage; vehicle efficiency; consumption of fuel, electricity and water; and the amount of solid waste generated. This enables us to quantify our emissions and carbon footprint at each location.